ELYSEE REAL ESTATE, founded by Michel TRINH, is a real estate investment specialist in Paris and the most beautiful cities around Paris. The company headquarter is located in Paris.

In addition to its regular real estate activities in France, ELYSEE REAL ESTATE aims at being the French premier real estate firm in Paris, serving Chinese customers seeking to move to Paris or to invest in Parisian real estate.

At ELYSEE REAL ESTATE, we consider each customer as unique. We provide them customized and highly professional services to make their project a success and this in the highest respect of confidentiality.

To owners who entrust us their property for sale, we will take complete charge of the sale including administrative management, property visits, analysis of potential buyers’ solvency, negotiations, and all supports needed until the sale of your property is achieved. To sell their property in the best possible conditions, we give them the opportunity to show their property not only to French buyers but also Chinese’s. The Company encompasses an international network of contacts to serve customers’ real estate needs and expectations.

To Chinese customers who wish to move to Paris or to invest in Parisian real estate, we give them access to exclusive properties located in the most beautiful and pleasant places in Paris and the vicinity.

To ensure the success of their move to Paris or of their investment project in France, our Chinese customers are fully taken in charge by one of our real estate consultant speaking Mandarin Chinese and understanding perfectly both Chinese and French culture.

As a registered real estate firm, our activities are regulated by the French law (Hoguet law) and authorized by the Real Estate service of the Paris Police Department.




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